Process & Pricing

Allow me to assist you in building your vision of the perfect retirement, and design the income plan to support that vision. Working with a specialist, your unique goals and questions are met with comprehensive recommendations and guidance.

Gain the confidence of knowing you’ve built a retirement income plan based on sound evidence and research. Additionally, you'll have a fiercely independent partner to assist you. Fifteen years from your planned retirement, all the way through the end of your retirement period, my services can help.

Retirement Income Trail Map

I developed a framework to build a retirement income plan in a comprehensive and integrated manner. Your plan is crafted over a series of strategy sessions, with each session focused on a specific topic.

My Retirement Income Trail Map® or RITM® assessment is delivered over four strategy sessions, each lasting about 60 to 90 mins and spaced one to two weeks apart for one to two month limited engagement.

Strategy Sessions

  1. Life in Retirement

    • The True Cost of Retirement

    • What’s Different About Retirement? (The Risks and Opportunities)

  2. The Household Balance Sheet

    • Sources of Reliable Income (Social Security, Pensions, etc.)

    • Savings and investments

  3. Considering Critical Assumptions

    • Choosing Your Planning Horizon (Longevity)

    • Portfolio Return (historical vs. expected returns)

    • Taxes

  4. Your Retirement Income Trail Map Assessment

  • Your Funded Ratios

  • Current plan strengths and weaknesses

  • Improving Your Plan for Income (Your Retirement Income Trail Map®)

Comprehensive Retirement Income Planning

I’ve designed my two core planning offerings to work together. You're invited to complete the steps outlined above, experience the value I add and then move on to a Comprehensive Retirement Income Plan. My Comprehensive Retirement Income Planning Framework is everything from above plus additional strategy sessions focused around the following topics.

  • Planning for Longterm Care

  • Healthcare Planning

  • Getting Tax, & Legal Issues in Order

  • Investing in Retirement

  • Creating Your Plan for Income

What types of questions will we address?

  • What is your vision for retirement?

  • What do you need to think about before making decisions?

  • How will you spend your time?

  • When is the best time to retire?

  • Where is the best place to live?

  • Do you have enough?

  • What new risks will you have?

  • What is the true cost of retirement?

  • What’s different about retirement?

  • What new risks will you have?

  • How long should you plan to live?

  • What resources do you have for income

  • What are your options for closing income gaps?

  • Are there unique challenges for women?

  • How much of your spending is covered by reliable income?

For clients that have completed the Retirement Income Trail Map or Comprehensive Retirement Income Plan, I also offer Ongoing Planning and Investment Management or periodic Hourly Consulting.

Getting Started

All of my services start with a complimentary consultation. Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation, 45-minute introductory call and decide if my retirement planning services are right for you. Before setting our initial call, I ask that you complete the form below — plan for about five minutes to complete. Once the form is submitted, I will reach out with scheduling options.

I look forward to being of service on your retirement journey.