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Retirement Income Transition Planning


Retirement Income Transition Planning

Transition Into Retirement with Confidence

“We are telling people that risk is the value of their fund, when risk is really how much income they can sustain for retirement.” -- Jeremy Siegel

Retirement is coming. Are you ready?

The primary financial aspiration for many of us is creating a sustainable source of income for retirement. Often, it comes down to a simple question; “How do I take income for retirement in a secure, and sustainable way?" But, creating a retirement income that is secure, and sustainable can be a challenge.

Without a clear, written plan many are lost when it comes to creating an income from a lifetime of savings. Planning can add clarity to a complicated series of important decisions. We accomplish this through engaging conversations, client education and a research-driven framework to make decisions.

Hi, I'm Justin Arnold, CFP®. I’m a fee-only financial planner and Retirement Income Certified Professional® focused exclusively on retirement income planning and management. Creating a secure and sustainable income in retirement starts with a plan. My specialty is building and implementing plans that help clients plan for and transition into retirement.

The key is having a process. Retirement income planning is that process. It is the process of examining your current financial situation, and helping you think about and create financial goals. Then creating and iterating a plan together to reach those goals.

There is no product that provides all the answers. It is about understanding your options and balancing the trade offs that different strategies bring to your plan. The benefits of smart decision making can be significant. Research shows planning can increase income as much as 38 percent, when compared to alternative choices.

Those who plan not only have more income; they are more successful, worry less, and enjoy life and retirement more.

I developed a framework to build a retirement income plan in a comprehensive and integrated manner. Your plan is crafted over a series of strategy sessions, with each session focused on a specific topic. What types of questions will we work through?

  • What is your vision for retirement?

  • What do you need to think about before making decisions?

  • How will you spend your time?

  • When is the best time to retire?

  • Where is the best place to live?

  • Do you have enough?

  • What new risks will you have?

  • What is the true cost of retirement?

  • What’s different about retirement?

  • What new risks will you have?

  • How long should you plan to live?

  • What resources do you have for income

  • What are your options for closing income gaps?

  • When should you claim Social Security?

  • Are there unique challenges for women?

  • Should you buy an income annuity?

  • The strategic use of home equity

  • How to optimize your plan for taxes.

  • How much can you spend each year without running out?

  • How much of your spending is covered by reliable income?

  • What reserves do you have?

  • What are your current plan strengths and weaknesses?

My Services

I’ve worked to develop a step-by-step process to guide decision-making for my clients. Over the a series of strategy sessions, I will lay out the theory, mechanics, and best practices of how to create sustainable income in retirement. There are two core planning options to choose from:

  • The Retirement Income Trail Map™ assessment or

  • Comprehensive Retirement Income Plan

If you’re unsure about committing to the full Comprehensive Retirement Income Plan process. I’ve designed my two core planning offerings to work together. You're invited to complete the Retirement Income Trail Map and then move on to the deep-dive Comprehensive Retirement Income Plan. For clients that have completed a Comprehensive Retirement Income Plan, I offer Ongoing Planning and Investment Management as well as Hourly Consulting.

Retirement Income Trail Map

The Retirement Income Trail Map or RITM™ is a higher-level assessment delivered over a series of two to three strategy meetings. I've developed my step-by-step framework to focus each strategy session around a specific topic.

Pricing: $1,250

Comprehensive Retirement Income Plan

The Comprehensive Retirement Income Plan continues working through the retirement income planning framework. It’s a deep-dive into retirement income planning delivered over an additional eight (or more) focused strategy meetings.

Pricing: $6,500-$7,500, depending on complexity

Ongoing Planning and Investment Management

My ongoing planning engagement is for clients who first complete a comprehensive retirement income plan. This service is best for busy clients looking to outsource more administrative and oversight responsibilities with at least $500k in investable assets.

Pricing: $6,500-$7,500 per year, depending on complexity or .75%-.85% of assets under management, depending on client preference.

Hourly Consulting

For clients working with an advisor, or doing it themselves, I offer hourly consulting. Hourly planning is a great way to get a second opinion, challenge your assumptions, and adjust and update planning work we've completed. Once you’ve completed one of my two planning options, I’d be happy to work with you on an hourly basis to adjust and update your plan (once every year or two would be typical). I offer hourly consulting at $325 an hour.

Getting Started

Allow me to assist you in building your vision of the perfect retirement, and design the income plan to support that vision. Working with a specialist, your unique goals and questions are met with comprehensive recommendations and guidance. Gain the confidence of knowing you’ve built a retirement income plan based on sound evidence and research. Additionally, you'll have a fiercely independent partner to assist you. Fifteen years from your planned retirement, all the way through the end of your retirement period, my services can help.

All of my services start with a complimentary consultation. Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation, 45 minute introductory call and decide if my retirement planning services are right for you. Before setting our introductory call, I ask that you complete the form below. Plan for about five minutes to complete. Once the form is submitted to me, I will reach out with scheduling options. I look forward to being of service on your retirement journey.